How to be A musician - Know the right approach to learn music

Know the Right Approach to Start Learning Music

Published on Sept 11, 2020

Patience is the key to start your Musical journey. Just like every other thing, learning music also takes time. But if you start properly, you are definitely going to enjoy your journey 

Taking up music as your hobby or as a passion has got numerous life-changing benefits. Music not only helps in getting rid of stress but also provides a good set of health benefits. You will be able to focus on your work; will increase your concentration level and will be a lot more disciplined in life. There are immense benefits of Learning Music.

You can find interest in any instrument be it GuitarKeyboard, Violin or Tabla. But it's very much important that you should be firm with your decision. Many people get very confused before starting to take music lessons. This article is for a smooth journey of beginner to become a musician. So let's see what are the steps to become a musician.

Step 1. Make up your mind to learn music

Decide firmly that you want to learn music. This decision is really important as you need to clearly establish in your mind why do you want to learn music, be it to impress your friends, make career in music or just to relax. Once you are determined to learn music, it will help you to get over with initial few months which are most crucial as you learn to hold your instrument and place your fingers on it. This requires lot of patience and many people give up learning music in first few months itself cause they were not determined enough. Now that you are reading this blog about how to be a musician, you have already made up your mind to start learning music and set on your journey to become a musician. Kudos!

Step 2: Identify the music of your frequency

It is quite an obvious thing that people like to play that music which they enjoy. Everyone is emotionally attached by one or more forms of music. If you take music lessons of those forms which you like then you will always be motivated to learn more and more.  So it's your first and foremost duty to know about your taste for music. It is recommended that you should go through particular artists, genre or a composer. Surfing through youtube is the best way to do it. Search for artists that you like and try to find similar artists to get an idea of your music taste. Your jam could be western music like rock music, hiphop music or blues & Jazz, or it could be Indian music including Bollywood music. Two major categories of music to start with, before diving into death of sub-genres, could be Indian Music and Western Music. Identifying which one do you play, could be a great starting point.

Step 3: Decide your instrument carefully

So now you have got to know about the particular genres of music. The next confusion which comes in mind is about the instrument which you will be learning. It is important to note that not all instruments suit a particular style. A different musical instrument has got the importance of its own. If you are a big fan of rock music then you should go with Drums or an electric Guitar. If you love classical music then you should go with a Violin or Tabla. You should also know the part which is most liked by you in music. Suppose you are listening to music. You will notice that music is made by the combination of Rhythm section made up of drums or Tabla beats and harmony section made up of keyboard, violin or guitar riffs. Decide whether you like their rhythm, harmony or is it vocals, after all vocal chords is also an instrument.It is also advisable to pick those instruments that suit your lifestyle as well. If you are a traveller and your work requires you to move from one place to another, it is surely not possible to learn the piano but you can easily go with a clarinet or harmonica. If the walls of your house are thin then it is recommended to have an electronic instrument where you can adjust the volumes. Select your instrument wisely.

Step 4: Select the mode of Learning

Selecting you source of information is really crucial. You can select the best way to learn music after analysing the different modes available to you based on the instrument you have selected. If you have the time and resources to commute to teacher's place for taking classes, this is the way for you. But while selecting the teacher make sure they teach the same genre and prefer the same type of music that you want to play. Just because someone is teaching in your locality doesn't mean you can learn from them. 

If you are tech savvy and updated with technology, you can always learn music online from a virtual teacher which will save lot of time and money. It is recommended by experts not to completely rely on free sources like Youtube where the information is scattered and content is unverified. If you want to learn music online, you can check out courses at portals like - where you can learn music anywhere & anytime as per your convenience from the courses created by expert musicians of Indian music industry and you can directly interact with the experts in one-to-one live feedback classes to solve you queries and doubts.

Once you have made up your mind to learn music, identified the music you want to learn, selected your favourite instrument based on your skills and selected a suitable mode for you to learn, you are all set to become a music. If you have already started learning music, then know how to become a better musician and these tips will help you in enhancing your musical skills to become a better musician.

We hope this article helps you to become a musician. If you need any help or guidance in selecting instrument or learning music, do contact our beAmusician team  and our experts will surely help you out. 

Start learning music and beAmusician!