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Course Overview

Grade 1 of Guitar course is designed for those who are new to the world of Guitar Playing and are willing to learn the Guitar from basics. This Guitar course will offer you proper knowledge of the concepts of playing Guitar in a very easy-to-understand manner. Starting from basics, this course will set you on your musical journey and you will be able to start playing guitar right away. During this guitar course you not only will get the right theoretical knowledge but also be able to play many songs within the span of a few days.

You will be able to understand basic elements of Music like Notes, Melody, chords, scales, Rhythm & Tempo. This course covers all the details that are required to start playing Guitar. The courses is organised into 10 Sessions, accessible for 22 Weeks from the date of enrolment.

This course also provides downloadable play-along practice tracks for each exercise. Sole motive to provide this is to get the correct sound in the beginning stage and also to make practice sessions fun & enjoyable. You’ll also get course study material and a certificate of completion.

Course Curriculum

WEEK 1 - Introduction to Guitar and Its Playing Technique
  • Know Your Instrument
  • Which Guitar to Buy?
  • Guitar Anatomy
  • String Names
  • How to Hold the Guitar
  • Start Playing Guitar
  • Bonus Track - Playing Your First Song
  • Downloadable Notes for Session
  • Downloadable Practice Tracks Link
WEEK 2 - Reading Guitar Notes and Finger Training Exercises
  • Different Techniques To Play Guitar
  • Learning Birthday Song With SFF Method
  • How to Read Tabs
  • Left Hand Exercises
  • Right Hand Exercises
  • Downloadable Notes for Session
  • Downloadable Practice Tracks Link
WEEK 3 - Understanding Alphabetical Notes and C Major Scale
  • Alphabetical Notes
  • C Major Scale
  • Pro Tips
  • Using Metronome
  • Avengers Theme Song
  • Conclusion
  • Downloadable Notes for Session
  • Downloadable Practice Tracks Link
WEEK 4 - Introduction To Chords: G, D, C, Em and Am
  • Chords G, D, C, Em
  • Using A Capo
  • One Chord Progression - Multiple Songs
  • Pro Tips - Sing While Playing
  • E Minor Scale
  • Aashiqui Theme
  • Downloadable Notes for Session
  • Downloadable Practice Tracks Link
WEEK 5 - More Chords, Right Hand Playing Techniques and Pentatonic Scale
  • Chords: F, A, E, B, Dm
  • Horse Beat Rhythm Pattern
  • Jerk, Palm Muting, Chucking
  • Song - Naina Da Kya Kasoor
  • A Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Downloadable Notes for Session
  • Downloadable Practice Tracks Link
WEEK 6 - Finger Picking Exercises and Barre Chords
  • Finger Picking Technique
  • Barre Chords
  • Plucking Technique
  • Bends, Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs
  • Song - Ghar Se Nikalte Hi
  • Downloadable Notes for Session
  • Downloadable Practice Tracks Link
WEEK 7 - Constructing Major and Minor Scale, Am Pentatonic Scale, Transposing Songs
  • Construction of Major and Minor Scales
  • Am Pentatonic Scale - Mode 4 and 5
  • Transposing Songs
  • Song - Tera Ghata
  • Song - Tareefan
  • Downloadable Notes for Session
  • Downloadable Practice Tracks Link
WEEK 8 - Staff Notation Theory and Power Chords
  • How To Sing While Playing Guitar
  • Staff Notation
  • Power Chords
  • Song - Yaaron
  • Downloadable Notes for Session
  • Downloadable Practice Tracks Link
WEEK 9 - Understanding Construction of Chords
  • Major Chord Formation
  • Minor Chord Formation
  • How to Figure Out Chords of Any Song
  • Song - Lamberghini
  • Song - Roobaroo
  • Downloadable Notes for Session
  • Downloadable Practice Tracks Link
WEEK 10 - Learning About Guitar Maintenance and Different Tuning
  • Guitar Maintainance Tips
  • Drop D Tuning
  • Song - Wonderwall
  • Song - Summer of 69
  • Downloadable Notes for Session
  • Downloadable Practice Tracks Link
Note about Course Access
  • 22 Weeks Access Details

Course Statistics


  • Video-based self learning course 
  • Course duration - 10 weeks (1 session/week)
  • Duration per session - 30 - 40 minutes
  • Downloadable Practice Tracks for all exercises
  • Downloadable Notes with every session
  • Course Language - English
  • Level - Beginner
  • Total Access to videos - 22 weeks
  • No - Prerequisites

Why take this course?


This video based course has been specially designed to help you learn Guitar from complete scratch without prior knowledge. The key highlights of the course are:

Video based course to learn anywhere and anytime

Weekly sessions for systematic learning

Downloadable Practice Tracks & PDFs for each session

Course Designed by Experts

Top-rated course with 5/5 rating by 2500+ students

No prior Music knowledge required


5000+ Learners

5/5 student rating

4.9/5 google rating



Sylvio Olvin, New Delhi

" I had a great time learning at beAmusician. The course is really well structured and videos are designed nicely to cover things in an easy to understand manner. Due to this video based learning format, I was able to learn despite my busy working schedule. "

Utkarsh Saxena

" I feel one of the best things I did towards expanding my learning was taking up this Guitar Course. The learning process here is very intuitive and I was able to learn even at off times due to video based lessons and all my doubts were well catered in Live Q & A Sessions. I definitely recommend this to all who want to start learning Guitar seriously. "

Pradul Gupta

" I enrolled for Guitar Course at beAmusician. I really enjoyed the learning process. Before joining, I was a bit confused if I will be able to learn online from scratch and get my basics correct but things turned out to be really nice. Their support is also great which adds to learning experience. "

About Instructor


Mr. Shantanu Arora

Expert Guitar Player

   Shantanu Arora is an expert Guitarist, Singer and an award-winning music director. In his 24 years of Guitar playing journey, he has composed several songs, featuring in English and Hindi language, including score for 2016 Bollywood movie The Buddhist monk. Shantanu Arora who has taught more than 5000 students, holds Music degree in Western Music guitar performance from Trinity College of Music, London

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This course is for absolute beginners. So everyone who has a will to learn can join. You just need to have a good internet connection, a device to take classes on and your instrument.
  • This course has 10 sessions. Each session has multiple videos that you need to watch and learn from the entire week. These videos are specially shot from multiple angles to maximize learning. You can watch them any number of times during the course duration & learn topics. From the purchase date, each week you will get 1 session with multiple videos & downloadable content.
  • Each session includes 3-5 videos explaining seperate topics and techniques. You can skip any video incase you are already familiar with the topic. Though its recommended to watch all videos as techniques are interlinked and used in further sessions.
  • Yes. The course fee is for the entire course of 10 sessions with access duration of 22 weeks.
  • Course duration means the total time till which you get new course videos to watch. The duration of this course is 10 weeks, which means each week you will get 1 new session for 10 weeks. Course access means the total time till which you can watch these 10 sessions. It is for 22 weeks. So for the first 10 weeks, you will get 1 new session per week and for the next 12 weeks you can still watch all these videos to practice and revise. Still have unsolved queries, get in touch with our experts. Write to us - [email protected] or visit contact us page for details.

Course Price: Rs 6,499/Rs 799/-