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Beginners - Grade 1 : LIVE Batch


Course Price - Rs 14,000/-

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Course Overview

Flute beginners course is designed for those who want to learn the basics of Hindustani Flute Playing and are willing to start from the very basics. The structured format will offer you proper knowledge of the concepts in a very easy to understand manner. 

This course is LIVE BATCH based Sessions, where our Expert - Mr Santosh Naik, will teach the course through Live classes so you can directly interact & get your queries answered instantly. 

This course will introduce you to learning flute right from the very basics of holding the flute, blowing techniques to playing swaras, alankars & much more.

You’ll also get a certificate of completion on successfully completing the course.

Live Interactive Batch based Sessions

Weekly Live Classes for systematic learning

Learn & Interact Realtime with Experts

Only 3 to 6 Students in a single Batch

Course Curriculum

WEEK 1 : Introduction
  • Basic Intro, Seating Posture, Lip Movements, Exercises
WEEK 2 : Blowing Techniques and Exercises
  • Angle, Intensity, Exercises
WEEK 3 : Finger Positions, Playing and Exercises
  • Finger Positions, Playing positions, Common Mistakes, Exercises
WEEK 4 : Expansion of Swaras
  • Understanding Names, Playing Swaras, Exercises
WEEK 5 : Swaras in Definite Frequency
  • Practical Exercises to understand Swaras Playing Position and Fluency
WEEK 6 : Combination Techniques
  • Learning to Play Combination Notations, Single Breathe Exercises
WEEK 7 : Play Your Own Tune
  • Constructions of Notes, Self Composition, Exercises
WEEK 8 : Raag Bhoop
  • Raag Bhoop As Scale For Exercises, Aaroh, Avroh
WEEK 9 : Introduction and Use Of Metronome
  • Understanding Metronome, Exercises Using Metronome
WEEK 10 : Finger Movements, Exercises, Conclusion
  • Tunes and Exercises To Improve Finger Movements, Conclusion
Live Session Details:
  • WEEK 1 - Live Class
  • WEEK 2 - Live Class
  • WEEK 3 - Live Class
  • WEEK 4 - Live Class
  • WEEK 5 - Live Class
  • WEEK 6 - Live Class
  • WEEK 7 - Live Class
  • WEEK 8 - Live Class
  • WEEK 9 - Live Class
  • WEEK 10 - Live Class

Why take this course?


This LIVE course has been specially designed to help you learn & develop Flute playing skills right from basics. The key highlights of the course are:

Live Sessions to learn directly from Experts

Weekly Sessions designed for systematic learning

Get recordings of Sessions to refer again

Course Statistics

  • Live Batch Based Course - 3 to 6 Students per batch
  • Course duration - 10 weeks (1 session per week)
  • Duration per session - 45 - 60 minutes
  • Course Language - English / Hindi
  • Level - Beginners
  • Age - 18 years and above
  • Total Access to Recordings - 22 weeks
  • Prerequisites: C# - Scale Medium Flute

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About Instructor


Mr. Santosh Naik

Renowned Flute Player

Mr Santosh Naik is a versatile Flute Player with his base in Indian Classical Music. Playing flute for over 18 years now, he has gained great exposure and performed at national and international events as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This course is for Beginner Students. So anyone who wants to learn from the basics can join the Grade 1. You also need to have a good internet connection, a device to take classes on and your instrument.
  • This course has 10 sessions. Each session will be conducted LIVE on video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype etc. You will get the Video recordings of the sessions for referring during the course.
  • There will be 3 to 6 students per batch. However, the beAmusician Team may change the same depending on the circumstances. But we assure you, your learning wont be affected.
  • Since there will be other students in a batch, it wont be possible to repeat the topics. However, you will be given Recordings of all the sessions. So in case you miss, you can view the recording and be ready for next sessions.
  • Yes. You will get the recordings of all Sessions. Still have unsolved queries, get in touch with our experts. Write to us - [email protected] or visit contact us page for details.

Course Price - Rs 14,000/-