If you are a Violin Beginners Course Enrolee, we have an option for you where you can take Exclusive one on one class with our experts to get all your queries solved and get realtime feedback on your playing, posture and more.

Class Fee: Rs 700/- per class


Class Statistics


  • Class Duration - Upto 45 Minutes
  • Class Date - Post enrolment minimum 7 working days required to schedule your class 
  • Content Covered - It is a feedback class so you can discuss any topic covered in Violin Beginners Course
  • Class Schedule - Class will be conducted upon discussing date & time convenient for both - instructor & student
  • Class Language - Hindi / English
        * This Fee is Non-Refundable

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This class is for students who have enrolled in Violin Beginners Course and wish to take a Live One on One Session with expert to get realtime feedback and sort all queries.
  • The class Fee is non-refundable. Our team confirms the class schedule only after discussing the same with you. So in case, you are unable to join, please inform the team atleast 48 Hrs prior to class timings failing to which the class would lapse and will not be re-scheduled.
  • As soon as you pay for the class, our team will take around 7 working days to get in touch with you and schedule the class on date and time that is convenient for both instructor & student.
  • The Live Class will be taken either by Ms Shruti Bhave or other experts of equal level based on their availability.
  • These classes are meant to get your queries sorted and provide feedback on your playing skills. So, we wont be able to take up topics that are not covered in Violin Beginners Course. Still have unsolved queries, get in touch with our experts. Write to us - [email protected] or visit contact us page for details.