We are on a mission to Musify India

We, at beAmusician, are on a mission to spread the magic of music across India. Our ultimate aim is to "Musify India" and bring the opportunity to learn music to every corner of the nation so that everyone can pursue their dream to play music.

As an Online Music platform, we are dedicated to providing you with a top-notch music learning experience. We've designed an environment that makes learning music really easy and keeps your motivation soaring. We want you to thrive and grow as a musician.








Our Story

In 2017, beAmusician set out on a remarkable journey with a vision to provide music learning opportunities for all. Our motivation stemmed from a survey we conducted in India, which revealed that 86% of people dream of learning music but unfortunately, their dreams were often hindered by the lack of infrastructure and the absence of professional music teachers in their localities.

Determined to bridge this gap, our passionate team at beAmusician has been working towards providing high-quality music lessons within reach of every aspiring musician in India. To fulfil this mission, we have been working with the best of the Indian Music Industry. Leveraging our technology and deep-rooted musical knowledge, we created an innovative platform that empowers individuals to pursue their musical dreams with unparalleled convenience.

Our Panel Of Experts

Mr. Kedar Pandit

Senior Music Composer & Director

Ms. Shruti Bhave

Renowned Violin Player

Mr. Sanjay Deshpande

Tabla Player of Global Recognition

Mr. Shantanu Arora

Expert Guitar Player