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Ms. Shruti Bhave

Renowned Violin Player
About Ms. Shruti Bhave

Ms Shruti Bhave is a versatile Violinist with her base in Indian Classical Music. She started learning violin from the age of 16. Her mother Mrs Sarita Bhave is a classical vocalist and her father Mr Rajendra Bhave is a classical violinist. With their guidance and support, Ms Shruti Bhave was able to achieve great heights and establish herself as an expert Violin player at a young age.

With more than 18 years of experience now, Ms Shruti Bhave has mastered the art of playing Violin. She has represented India all around the globe and gained national and international recognition. She was introduced to the art of playing violin under Ms. Kala Ramnath. She also acquired her skills from other mentors like Pt. Milind Raikar and Padmashri Pt. DK Datarji. Besides her mastery in Hindustani classical music, her interests also comprise of non- Indian classical forms like Western, Jazz and World folk music. She has been giving splendid performances in a variety of performing genres, through her Solos and collaborations with different artists like Benny Dayal, Tulsi Kumar, Louiz banks, Viveick Rajagopalan & many more. She has also given background scores for many movies and albums working with music directors like Mr. Kamlesh Bhadkamkar, Mr. Kedar Pandit ji etc.

Though Shruti Bhave is a renowned violin player, her childhood didn't start with it. When she was a child she loved to dance. She learned two dance styles namely Bharatnatyam and Kathak for a few years. She was also interested in becoming a vocalist just like her mother. She used to sit with other students in the class where her mother taught them about Ragas and Alankaras. But who knew that something of great importance was waiting for her in the future.

ITC-SRA curated a youth festival where young Shruti performed her first solo classical concert. Her performing background stretched out to play for 'Natya-sangeet' and Marathi melody as well. She then left her job and joined ‘Indiva’ – a fusion band. This band consists of four members namely Hamsika Iyer for Vocals, Vivienne Pocha for guitar and vocals, Merlin D’Souza for Keyboard and Shruti Bhave for violin. This band is known for combining the taste of western and Hindustani classical music with jazz and other world-class music. 

Ms Shruti Bhave has also given her contribution as a violinist in the MusSync – an instrumental multi-genre band. She along with Mr Varad Kathapurak on flute and Mr Kamlesh Bhadkamka on keyboard have been giving many mesmerizing performances by producing a soothing sensation of music.

Ms Bhave is a carefree and a fun loving person. Music to her is like meditation.She believes in the concept of being your own critic. Success to her is not about getting recognized by thousands of people, instead, it is all about achieving a level of perfection & confidence while practicing music. Hard work has no shortcuts and this field requires a lot of dedication and sincerity to achieve the desired results and success.

She suggests that modernisation of the culture and society is an inevitable thing and it can’t be stopped. Modernisation will always lead to the formation of new and beautiful things. According to her, if a classical song or music is fused with western music, it will create a very soothing and impressive experience. So it’s important not to find the disadvantages of modernisation but should go with the pace. She also recommends to an artist to be multi-faced.

She became a member of beAmusician’s panel of experts in 2018. She has designed a Violin course for Beginners on beAmusician platform to provide proper guidance and so that everyone gets a chance to learn Violin in a correct and fun manner.